Ceramic Wheel Bearings

Ceramic Wheel Bearings

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Components of a hybrid bearing

1) Steel races - Chrome steel/Stainless steel

2) Ceramic balls - Si3N4

3) Ball Cage/Retainer - Steel/Nylon/PEEK/Teflon

4) Seals/Shields - Rubber/Steel/PEEK/Teflon

5) Lubricant - Dry/Oil/Grease

Features and benefits of hybrid ceramic bearings

Higher hardness of rolling element

- Better wearability

- Greater durability

- Longer service life

Lower gravity

- Lightweighting the system

- Lower centrifugal force during rotation, consequently less bearing wear and heat generation and bearings can run at higher speed

Higher stiffness

- Increase the rigidity of system

- Less sphere deformation under load and this will transfer energy better

Higher precision and better surface finish of ceramic balls

- Less friction between ceramic balls and races

- Less wear

Good corrosion resistance

- Less maintenance or maintenance free

- Races will not block due to rusty

Self-lubrication - Suitable for dry run

Magnetism free

- Less magnetic contaminations to be magnetized into the raceway that can affect smooth rotation and destroy the raceway

Electrical isolation

- No galvanically stimulated corrosion

- Can be used in applcation that requires electrical isolation